It’s huge!

July 30th, 2010

This Sunday, it’ll be three weeks ago this happened right in front of my, and a lot of other lucky people’s, eyes. Up on the mountain, in the cold snow, with nearly no clouds in the sky. The sun low over the horizon gave it a special bonus; moon illusion made it appear as if the eclipsed sun was huge. Larger than life.

Bovenstaand filmpje is ongeveer wat ik zag, bijna drie weken geleden, hoog op de berg. Een haast onbewolkte lucht en de verduisterde zon, laag boven de horizon veroorzaakten de maan-illusie. Hierdoor leek alles enorm groot. Best een mooi gezicht.

2 Responses to “It’s huge!”

  1. Jonas Says:

    Simply incredible! Sun and scenery.
    Was it your most beautiful one so far? And what was the temperature there?

  2. Christiaan Says:

    It was! Although it’s dangerous to say, I’m indeed tempted to think this one was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Overwhelming in many ways.
    The temperature was around -10 Celsius, but the windchill made it feel colder.

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