August 9th, 2006

N.B. Deze post is van het oude systeem, ik sta vanwege die reden niet garant voor het kloppen van werkende en goed gevormde plaatjes, links (intern en extern) en andere van dat soort zaken

It’s been ages and ages (almost ten months, actually) since the last time I gave a brief resume of the things happening in my life. Well, here it goes.
2006 started okay. Near the end of the first quarter of the year, I went to Libya, to see the total eclipse, and returned safely (although my flight back home got delayed badly!)
I’ve made tons of pictures. A small selection of em can be seen over here. Comments are in dutch, though the pics speak for themselves.
I kinda stopped making monochloroacetic acid. I still work at tha factory, for over a year now, but they stopped extracting chlorine from salt roughly a month ago, and we quit adding chlorine to acetic acid about a week ago. It’s planned that by the end of this month, we’ll stop producing sodium monochloroacetate as well (read; shut down entirely) so right now, I’m quite busy trying to find a new employer.
Hey, this is not so bad… I’ve had a great and interesting job for over a year, and I knew the factory would close the moment I started working there… I’ll live.

Beside my hunt for a job, there’s something else haunting my mind, and it’s been haunting my mind for months. I’d really, really like to go to French Guiana to see the forthcoming annular, and, of course, the spaceport in Kourou and Île du Diable (the former penal-colony where Papillon was set)
What’s keeping me back is both the money (800 euro’s for the flight alone.. it’s like emptying a bucket!) and the moment. I’ll be out of work in a week or two. Taking a holiday some 2 weeks after losing your job is kinda awkward, and, I guess, makes it harder to find a new job. Especially since I figured out that, in order to find fitting employment, I’ll have to move to the western part of The Netherlands.
Finding a job, a home, moving and taking a holiday at the same time… hrm.. I’m capable of a lot, but I figure that might just be a too large stack of hay to pile upon my fork all at once.

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