Panama City

April 11th, 2005

N.B. Deze post is van het oude systeem, ik sta vanwege die reden niet garant voor het kloppen van werkende en goed gevormde plaatjes, links (intern en extern) en andere van dat soort zaken

Most of the people who went to Penonome to watch the solar-eclipse have gone home. Some might (might, not will) have decided to visit this page tho stay informed about my further *erm* adventures..

Right now, I’m staying in a hostel right in the heart of Panama City. There are foreign banks all around. Great location. Marvelous skyline, and I can even see the ocean from the balcony on the 8th floor.

Well, since I like to complain about things, I’d like to add that this is’nt the quietest dorm I ever slept in. Street noises (honking cars passing by, alarmbells ringing etc) and people chattering on the balcony are to blame for that.
Furthermore, the shower will only dispense cold water to me, but that’s fine. At least I’m able to wash myself. It’s not extremely warm down here, but the humidity is kinda high, so the weather makes me feel sweaty and sticky. And there’s nothing as refreshing as a cold shower is!

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