November 29, 2003

November 28th, 2004

N.B. Deze post is van het oude systeem, ik sta vanwege die reden niet garant voor het kloppen van werkende en goed gevormde plaatjes, links (intern en extern) en andere van dat soort zaken

Time flies. One year ago, I met some people in Canberra who showed me the local lightlife. On my own, I would never have found out about places like King O’Malley’s, Wig & Pen or Nightclub Babylon.
Further on, those people learned me to eat fries with gravy (got addicted to that stuff, actually) and offered me a lift to Sydney, which I gladly accepted.

This lead to one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had in Australia. November 29, 2003. Before we even left Canberra, I heard a song playing on the car-stereo. A song I recognised immidiately, and one of the last songs I would expect to hear at this place and this time. I heard the song ‘Zij’, performed bij Marco Borsato.
Seeing my confused reaction, the Nepalese girl sitting in the back seat (don’t remember her name, but I do remember she’s gorgeous) told me they liked and played this song a lot, even though they couldn’t understand what it was about.
I told this was a song by a dutch/Italian artist, who’s married to the girl who used to turn over the letters in the dutch version of ‘Wheel of fortune’ (although I mixed it up with ‘Price is Right’), and that I could manage to translate the lyrics.
For some reason, I kept postponing. Untill now. Exactly one year later.

The not extremely accurate translation can be found here.

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