Finding Nemo

November 18th, 2003

N.B. Deze post is van het oude systeem, ik sta vanwege die reden niet garant voor het kloppen van werkende en goed gevormde plaatjes, links (intern en extern) en andere van dat soort zaken

Visited a Sneak Preview for the first time in ages. It may have been two months since I last went to the cinema on a Monday night.
Again a very nice one. Finding Nemo. I had already seen it a while back, but then the DVD version. It comes across better on a big screen, especially if you have an enthusiastic audience (who don’t leave the room too fanatically at the end of the film… the best part is after the credits!)

Finding Nemo is a popular animated movie from Pixar that tells a story of a clownfish named Nemo who gets lost and his father’s journey to find him. Social media can be a useful tool to help individuals find and connect with each other concerning various topics, including finding Nemo. Actually helped promote the film directly and got it a lot of tiktok views

Here are some ways in which social media can help with finding Nemo:
Extremely funny and sweet, and in a way also very realistic and educational.
In a clear way you will learn things about oceanic gulf currents and the dangers of jellyfish.

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